terms & conditions

Terms of use

During the Sign Up process, you essentially need to accept the agreement in exact manner without any condition. This step confirms that you have given your consent to every point of the terms of use. Also make sure that none of your activities on Go Co Recover page is violating any condition in any way. Keep in mind, it is company who will decide that does any of your actions has caused any kind of inconvenience or harm to the company.

Google administration however always tries to serve every Gmail Account holder in the best possible manner. Despite this, you are required to not carry out any inappropriate activity while using.  This approach might lead to termination of Gmail account. Besides, you might need to pay the find as per the company’s rule and regulation.

All pictures, text, symbols, signs and other kind of intellectual property displayed on the main screen of Go Co Recover page belongs to the Google. You are strictly denied to use any of them in anyway. If, you will do so then it will be taken as the breach of copyright. Additionally, Google has the right to take equivalent action against you to protect the interest and gains of the company. Nevertheless, you are free to provide any suggestion. It is a free to use feature. Therefore, you do not pay a single penny for the same.

Undoubtedly, every term and condition of Google regarding the use of Gmail Account is transparent and clear.  You are advised to read, understand and follow every point in true sense. Without doing so you might get into a highly problematic situation. You are advised to check all terms and conditions at regular interval. Company has the sole right to change any of the points or entire list of T&C without giving prior notice. It is your responsibility to carry out the necessary exercise on regular basis to keep different kinds of hassles away.